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About the Medical Clinic

Samuel Hahnemann said it best, “The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.” 


Life is intelligent, orderly, benign, and purposeful.  We strive to help patients achieve the best health outcomes while using the least amount of medicine with the purpose of restoring maximal health.  We practice medicine with an emphasis on the fundamentals to restore balance in each patient.

  • Removing obstacles to achieving health – helping patients recognize what in their lives can prevent them from achieving optimal health and working through it with them to overcome those obstacles

  • Health is balance – health with the absence of disease is normal

  • Individualize each patient’s care– no two people have the exact same disease, pathology, history, and cause; thus, each treatment is individualized

  • Minimum dose – when you travel on a road trip, do you aim to use the least amount of gas or arrive in the least amount of time?  Life aims for this efficiency too!  We take the time to apply critical thinking and knowledge to determine the most benefit with the least medicine without sacrificing the best health. 

  • Docere or "to teach" - our role is to help educate all patients on how to best achieve their health goals. 

  • Resiliency - our goal with all patients is to build the best possible health foundation.  When this is achieved, resiliency can be established, which means you are less likely to become ill or stay ill...And the best part is feeling great!

Providing you with excellent doctors for exceptional care

Dr. Scott Maymon

General Medicine:  Emphasis in Sports Medicine, Pain Management, & Environmental Health

Dr. Sarah Stone

General Medicine:  Emphasis in Women's Health, Aesthetics, & Pain Management